Now I am not currently a vegan, but I have always considered trying. Why would I try such a thing when burgers and bacon are so delicious? My first reason started with me being allergic to milk. So I have a big portion of that out of the way already. Another reason is that I always feel sick when I eat things like burgers and bacon. The  third reason came to me last night while I was watching a documentary called VegucatedThe documentary was about 3 normal, meat-loving New Yorkers. The three of them were challenged to try being a vegan for six weeks. The new vegans were showed how animals were treated at the farms. I almost cried a bunch of times during this part, and I don’t cry in movies. That there was what really got me. The animals. So starting today I am a grain-loving, tempeh-loving, vegetable-loving vegan. Wish me luck!


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