Dreaded Finals


It’s that time of year again…Finals. It seems like everything sneaks up on you at the end of the semester. There are tests and papers all due around the same time. The only way to get it done right is to not procrastinate (I usually do procrastinate) and to focus. So that I do not procrastinate I have to make a list of what I need to do on my days off of work. To focus I have to do a few things. First I have to eat healthy so that I feel good and can stay focused. Next I have to get my work outs in at least 3 times a week so that I can do something productive to get my mind away from homework for an hour. The last and saddest thing that I had to do was ask my boyfriend to change the passwords for my facebook and pinterest account. They suck up too much of my time. It was probably the hardest of all of things to do, which is very sad to say. Good luck to everyone out there taking finals!


4 thoughts on “Dreaded Finals

  1. Hahaha that is probably smart of you to lock yourself out of your accounts! I had my little brother hide my computer last year so I could focus XD (this year I’m embracing my procrastination) Hope you get all your finals done!

  2. That’s a good idea to keep yourself off social media sites. I know there are times when i ‘m doing homework I get distracted by tumblr, it’s like it keeps calling me, and I end up wasting time on there when I should be doing homework. So I am going to have someone change my password to eliminate temptations. :)

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