Hidden Challenges








It seems like every time I try and do something that seems easy there is some hidden challenge to the task. For school, it seems like most of the challenges I have is putting the rest of my life aside and focusing on school work. I am a procrastinator. I leave everything that doesn’t have to be done right away until I have to do it. For my social life, the challenge that I have is finding time to do things with friends. I tend to have school and work come first. One way that I try and get around that is I try and get my friends to work out with me, that way it is multitasking. I can get work out in for the day and enjoy the company of a friend.


One thought on “Hidden Challenges

  1. my friends and I started hiking together. We took a road trip to Sedona last month and the month before that to the lake. I find it hard because I am not 21 yet and all my friends are so finding things to do that does not involve drinking was hard for my friends.I started to volunteer, working and finishing school and its is hard to keep a social life and still sleep. But oh well we are young

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