Thanksgiving is just a few days away! I love getting together with my family and eating a lot of food. We have many traditions in our family. The day before Thanksgiving all of my sisters (I have 3), my mom, and my nieces (4) get together and make holiday and winter cookies. We do our cookie day each year as a way to get everyone together who can’t be there for Thanksgiving. We always make cookies from recipes that have been passed down through the family. On Thanksgiving, it is difficult to get everyone together at a certain time. Most of my siblings have a spouse that they have to spend part of their time at their family’s house. Once we all get together we eat (even more) and drink and have a good time. One Thanksgiving tradition is that we pick a “Secret Santa” to buy or make a gift for Christmas. It is a much easier and cheaper way for everyone to buy presents since we are all on a budget. Another tradition is that we look through the ads for Black Friday shopping. We plan out what time and what we want to buy for an awesome deal! What are some of your family traditions for the holiday season?

*Image is a picture of one of my nieces decorating cookies on cookie day!


4 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. Your holiday traditions sound a lot like what I do with my family. Cookie day is so much fun especially when we end up with a couple of “taste-testers” in a batch. My family and I also draw names for Christmas gifts, and it’s so much better. Instead of having to buy for a bunch of people, we buy one gift for one person and no one is left out.

  2. Your niece is so cute! I’ve been trying to start my family on the Secret Santa thing since I literally have too many cousins to count (and I thought it would be a good way to better get to know those you have drifted from) but I have yet to succeed! How did your family start the tradition?

    • Well I have a lot of siblings and nieces and a nephew and we are all on a tight budget so we thought that this way would be best so that we wouldn’t have to buy presents for everyone. I’m not quite sure how we started, we have been doing it for years though.

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