Coffee Addiction







Hi, my name is Katie and I have a coffee addiction. I start everyday with coffee and I bring coffee with me almost every day to work. Sounds expensive, right? Well I am very froogle. The cheapest way to drink coffee is to make it at home, but let’s be honest, I can be lazy at times. I have three alternatives to drinking coffee away from home. First is gas station coffee. I drink this because it is cheap ($1.80) and they have non-dairy creamer. My next option, if I want something a little more tasty, is Starbucks. When you register a gift card with them you get rewards and free stuff. With every twelve drinks you purchase, you get a free coffee or treat. Now when I pay for the coffee I get either an iced coffee or a regular coffee with soy. This way I do not pay extra for the soy milk and it is the cheapest ($3.50) coffee drinks they have. When I have a free reward, I go with one of there fancy drinks, like a caramel brulee latte (about $7). My third option is Dutch Bros. Coffee. They send out texts about once a week with special offers like double stamp day (for their frequent buyer cards) or $2 special drink. On top of special prices they have a free drink every 10th drink you buy. I would like to thank my mother for teaching me how to be very froogle and for teaching me to love coffee.


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