I am currently taking a class on Buddhism at ASU. Reading about the Buddha’s life, his way of thinking, and meditation have really got me thinking. The Buddha treats everyone with unconditional friendship, love, and kindness. Someone has to have so much strength to treat everyone that way. I think that is a beautiful way of life. When someone is treated with random kindness they become happier and happiness is the ultimate beauty. Meditation is a good way to think about those who you love and care about. When you think positively you act positively. That is a good way to start towards a Buddhists way of thinking.


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  1. I took Buddhism this semester as well! What made you decide to take that particular class? I was surprised by how complicated it got dogmatically! I really enjoyed the class, how have you liked it?

    • Well it fit into some category for a class that I needed to take and I had always been curious about the religion. I really enjoyed it too. It made me really think about the way people act and the way I act.

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