Ideal Work Space


The iMac is a definite must for my workplace. As well as CDs and Flash drives for storage. To back up all of my material I will need at least 2 different external hard drives.


Work Surface

A desk is very important, especially when a good portion of your work is done on the computer. I like that it faces towards the room rather than wall. I can’t get any work done when my back is facing everything. This desk would work better for me in a darker color like an espresso brown or a black.




Storage and Organization

This storage bar will help with organization of my desk.





I would use this file storage to keep customer records, model release form, and other forms.











I would use this storage unit for office supplies and equipment.





I would love to have this barn wood flooring. It would look amazing in photos.








Natural lighting would be the most ideal for working because other lighting would give me too much of a headache when working on a computer. When it gets dark out other lighting would help. The track lights would be used to illuminate the photographs on the wall.



















I love the look of the giant pictures on the wall. This would be a great idea to display my work for my clients to see in the waiting area and in my office. I like the idea of the grey wall because you can put any type of picture up with it and the photograph wouldn’t lose any quality. However I would prefer a lighter grey so that my office isn’t too dark.





Waiting Area

I love the look of this couch for the waiting area. Because it is leather type material it would be fairly easy to clean. I would also have a coffee table with wedding magazines for the clients to read while they wait.







I would also need a bathroom for my clients to use, so I would need running water, toilet paper, and paper towels.

My ideal location would be in a greener area of Arizona, like in Prescott or Sedona, with a view of the trees. I would also like to be accessible from the road so that it is easy for my clients to find.

I would also do all of my work in the office and finish everything that I need to do there or in the field. I do not want to have to worry about work while I am at home. However I will have a back up of all of my digital files on a hard drive at my home.


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