It’s Time For Me









I have a very busy life, I go to school full time and I work full time as a bartender. Between going to school, doing homework, working, having a boyfriend, and exercising, it is difficult to make time for myself. When I am not doing any of that I sleep. My social life you ask? Well I consider working out or working my social time. As a bartender I get to talk to my friends and talk to new people everyday. At those times when my brain is fried from studying, my body is tired from working, and I just feel like I need a break that is when I make time for myself. When I make time for myself I either take a nice relaxing bath with a glass of wine, I go get my nails done, or I put my head phones in and work on editing photos. When I am editing photos I go into another world and focusing on what I am doing and somehow I find that very relaxing. I try to make time for myself at least once a week. I think I would go crazy if I didn’t take the time to take care of my emotional self.


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