Now I am not currently a vegan, but I have always considered trying. Why would I try such a thing when burgers and bacon are so delicious? My first reason started with me being allergic to milk. So I have a big portion of that out of the way already. Another reason is that I always feel sick when I eat things like burgers and bacon. The  third reason came to me last night while I was watching a documentary called VegucatedThe documentary was about 3 normal, meat-loving New Yorkers. The three of them were challenged to try being a vegan for six weeks. The new vegans were showed how animals were treated at the farms. I almost cried a bunch of times during this part, and I don’t cry in movies. That there was what really got me. The animals. So starting today I am a grain-loving, tempeh-loving, vegetable-loving vegan. Wish me luck!


Dreaded Finals


It’s that time of year again…Finals. It seems like everything sneaks up on you at the end of the semester. There are tests and papers all due around the same time. The only way to get it done right is to not procrastinate (I usually do procrastinate) and to focus. So that I do not procrastinate I have to make a list of what I need to do on my days off of work. To focus I have to do a few things. First I have to eat healthy so that I feel good and can stay focused. Next I have to get my work outs in at least 3 times a week so that I can do something productive to get my mind away from homework for an hour. The last and saddest thing that I had to do was ask my boyfriend to change the passwords for my facebook and pinterest account. They suck up too much of my time. It was probably the hardest of all of things to do, which is very sad to say. Good luck to everyone out there taking finals!

Hidden Challenges








It seems like every time I try and do something that seems easy there is some hidden challenge to the task. For school, it seems like most of the challenges I have is putting the rest of my life aside and focusing on school work. I am a procrastinator. I leave everything that doesn’t have to be done right away until I have to do it. For my social life, the challenge that I have is finding time to do things with friends. I tend to have school and work come first. One way that I try and get around that is I try and get my friends to work out with me, that way it is multitasking. I can get work out in for the day and enjoy the company of a friend.









Thanksgiving is just a few days away! I love getting together with my family and eating a lot of food. We have many traditions in our family. The day before Thanksgiving all of my sisters (I have 3), my mom, and my nieces (4) get together and make holiday and winter cookies. We do our cookie day each year as a way to get everyone together who can’t be there for Thanksgiving. We always make cookies from recipes that have been passed down through the family. On Thanksgiving, it is difficult to get everyone together at a certain time. Most of my siblings have a spouse that they have to spend part of their time at their family’s house. Once we all get together we eat (even more) and drink and have a good time. One Thanksgiving tradition is that we pick a “Secret Santa” to buy or make a gift for Christmas. It is a much easier and cheaper way for everyone to buy presents since we are all on a budget. Another tradition is that we look through the ads for Black Friday shopping. We plan out what time and what we want to buy for an awesome deal! What are some of your family traditions for the holiday season?

*Image is a picture of one of my nieces decorating cookies on cookie day!

Coffee Addiction







Hi, my name is Katie and I have a coffee addiction. I start everyday with coffee and I bring coffee with me almost every day to work. Sounds expensive, right? Well I am very froogle. The cheapest way to drink coffee is to make it at home, but let’s be honest, I can be lazy at times. I have three alternatives to drinking coffee away from home. First is gas station coffee. I drink this because it is cheap ($1.80) and they have non-dairy creamer. My next option, if I want something a little more tasty, is Starbucks. When you register a gift card with them you get rewards and free stuff. With every twelve drinks you purchase, you get a free coffee or treat. Now when I pay for the coffee I get either an iced coffee or a regular coffee with soy. This way I do not pay extra for the soy milk and it is the cheapest ($3.50) coffee drinks they have. When I have a free reward, I go with one of there fancy drinks, like a caramel brulee latte (about $7). My third option is Dutch Bros. Coffee. They send out texts about once a week with special offers like double stamp day (for their frequent buyer cards) or $2 special drink. On top of special prices they have a free drink every 10th drink you buy. I would like to thank my mother for teaching me how to be very froogle and for teaching me to love coffee.









I am currently taking a class on Buddhism at ASU. Reading about the Buddha’s life, his way of thinking, and meditation have really got me thinking. The Buddha treats everyone with unconditional friendship, love, and kindness. Someone has to have so much strength to treat everyone that way. I think that is a beautiful way of life. When someone is treated with random kindness they become happier and happiness is the ultimate beauty. Meditation is a good way to think about those who you love and care about. When you think positively you act positively. That is a good way to start towards a Buddhists way of thinking.


There is beauty all over the world and it’s not just beautiful people either. You can find beauty in architecture, landscape, fashions, and even food.

One thing in life that I have always dreamed of doing is traveling the world. There are so many beautiful places out there waiting for me to explore. I would love to visit Ireland for all of the greenery and the castles. London and France would be great places to all of the old architecture, famous arts, and cuisine. When I do make my way to other countries I will definitely have my camera in hand at all times. I will be taking pictures of everything!